Brunch Menu


Brunch Appetizers

Granola with Greek Yogurt and Fresh Fruit Garnish. $4.75

Garden Salad: Mixed Greens with cucumbers, tomatoes, and cider vinegar. $4.50.

COFFEE AND Bread Basket included with Brunch Entree

Brunch Entrees

prices  are suggestions.  As our guest you pay what you can

Bread pudding French Toast garnished with fresh fruit. Pennsylvania Real Maple Syrup. $14

Huevos rancheros frittata: fried corn tortilla, eggs, peppers, onions, cheddar.  Garnished with sour cream and salsa. Roasted potatoes. $15

Buttermilk biscuit topped with pork sausage in cream gravy.  Sauteed greens $13.50

Mush Puppies: PA Dutch style cornmeal mush cut into cubes and fried. Spicy housemade ketchup.  Poached eggs.  Bacon, OR chicken-apple sausage. $14.50

Smokehouse breakfast: House smoked pork, pork au jus, shredded greens. Served on Mush Puppies. $15 Add a poached egg $1.

Shrimp and Grits: A Geechee Girl favorite. Sauteed shrimp and shallots in a rich shrimp sauce. Served on Anson Mills grits. $15.50

Vegetable hash:  Crispy potatoes and yams mixed with cauliflower, shredded collards, sauteed peppers and sauteed onions (vegan). $13.50 Add a poached egg $1.

Buttermilk pancakes served with Pennsylvania real maple syrup.  Bacon OR chicken-apple sausage $14


Sides ($3.00)

Orange juice


Chicken sausage

Mush puppies


Poached egg $1.50

Coffee, tea, hot tea - $2.50

Extra Pennsylvania Real Maple Syrup - $1.50

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness especially if you have a medical condition