Dinner Menu

Our menu changes seasonally. We offer a range of delicious options and as our guest you pay what you can. We accommodate for diet and/or allergy restrictions.


 First Course

Tomato Basil - Tomatoes, sautéed garlic & onions, fresh basil $5.00

Corn Chowder - Roasted corn, veggie stock, cream, potatoes $5.00

EAT Café House Salad - Pickled, roasted & raw veggies, cider vinaigrette $7.00

Fried Green Tomato Caesar Salad - Fried & pickled green tomatoes, shaved Parmesan $7.00


 Second Course

Vegetable Fried Rice $14

Brown rice, sautéed seasonal vegetables

Asian Braised Pork & Broccoli $16

Sweet soy glaze, vegetable fried rice

Pan Seared Salmon $17

Whipped sweet potatoes, broccoli

Jerk Chicken $16

Rice and peas, sautéed cabbage



Chocolate Cake - Chocolate glaze $6

Buttermilk Cake - Housemade plum preserves $6

Warm Bread Pudding - Layered with whipped cream $6

Ice cream - Chocolate, Vanilla, Mango sorbet  $3.50

 Kid's Meal ($8.50)

APPETIZER - Carrot & celery sticks

ENTREE - BBQ chicken, whipped sweet potatoes, broccoli 

DESSERT - One scoop of ice cream 


Peach lemonade $2.50

Sweet iced green tea with mint $2.50

La Colombe coffee  $2.50

Assorted hot tea $2.00


Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness especially if you have a medical condition