January 17, 2018

To celebrate Mardi Gras EAT Café will have fresh house-made Donuts for sale!!!

Tuesday, February 13th from 9am - 5pm (Take Out Only)

$7 per 1/2 dozen  /  $12 per dozen 

August 09, 2017

The Philadelphia Magazine named the EAT Cafe on their Best of Philly list under Dining with a Mission.

May 22, 2017

The Huffington Post's Eleanor Goldberg interviewed people at the EAT Cafe to learn about how This Trendy Restaurant Lets Customers Pay What They Can Afford

April 03, 2017

Meredith Degyansky of the Philadelphia Citizen came to the EAT Cafe and described it as A Restaurant to Feed Them All

March 03, 2017

USA Today's Robert DiFiancomo came to the EAT Cafe to explore how Charitable Restaurants and Chefs Give Back

January 27, 2017

The Washington Post's Maura Judkis came to the EAT Cafe to learn about the model and talk with some of our diners in ‘There’s a Dignity to this Place’: Inside the world of Pay-What-You-Can Restaurants

December 11, 2016

Munchies - Vice's food blog - speaks with Center for Hunger-Free Communities director and EAT Cafe founder Dr. Mariana Chilton about launching EAT, its challenges, and the future of pay-what-you-can restaurants in This Woman Wants to Open Pay-What-You-Want Restaurants Across America.

December 08, 2016

Mic's Melissa Kravitz highlights EAT Cafe's vision to address hunger, bring the community together, and break down the isolation that often comes with poverty in Philly's "pay what you can" restaurant offers new solution to food insecurity.


December 06, 2016

The Salt - NPR's food blog - featured EAT Cafe as Philly's New Pay-What-You-Can Restaurant, bringing everyone to the table. Just over a month after our Grand Opening, the Salt's Kristen Hartke stopped by EAT Cafe during dinner service to see us in action and speak with staff, diners, and Community Advisory Committee members about EAT Cafe's origin, vision, and experience thus far. 

November 30, 2016

GRID Magazine asks A quarter of Philadelphians are food insecure. What are we doing about it? Journalist Alex Jones answers the question by highlighting the work of anti-hunger nonprofits such as EAT Cafe, the Center for Hunger-Free Communities, the SHARE Food Program, Philabundance, Coalition Against Hunger, Broad Street Ministry, and Food Connect to address food insecurity, uphold dignity, and minimize food waste.